Potential customers like to see accreditation logos on your headed paper and on your vans. It gives that extra bit of credibility and respect to your business. They can be very expensive and time consuming to acquire.  Get your business verified by Local Gardener and give your potential customers the confidence to use your service, at a great value price Of course there are accreditation companies that do this already such as trust a trader and check a trade but these are around the £500 mark. They do offer other benefits but they are a big investment for the average hourly rate gardener. Local Gardener offers a basic independent business check for under £60. 

A basic independent business check from a respected body for under £60

  • Use of “Verified Local Gardener” on advertising
  • Van stickers
  • Marked as verified on the Local Gardener Directory
  • Proof of basic business essentials
  • Promoted as verified on Local Gardener

What’s required to get verified?

  • Proof of identity
  • A valid trading address
  • Valid public liability Insurance
  • Proof of accreditations


Request to get verified by emailing your company name to verification request email.

Phone 07984 11 2537